Gear Review : Meindl Air Revolution Lite

About 7 years ago, I got some Karrimor KSB event boots. I'm not sure of the exact model, but they are only now starting to give up the ghost. 7 years of moderate use, very soft but still usable and totally waterproof. How times have changed.

I persuaded myself. Then I persuaded my missus. I needed new boots. 

After several dramas involving trying and taking back boots (probably to end up as a separate blog), I ended up going well over budget and took the footwear plunge with these.........

Meindl Air Revolution Lite

I've got this weird pressure point on the outside of my foot so it turns out that although I don't have particularly wide hooves, I do need a fairly wide fit if I want to limit how uncomfortable any boot would be. I tried a few different brands, but ended up going for these. Meindl are well known for their wide fit apparently.
I was looking to spend not much more than £100, and these were £140 (although I did get an extra 15% off due to a voucher). My sense of frugality can be summed up with one word : FAIL.
Saying all that, I've seen them online for as much as £180.

Anyway. Giddy with the realisation that I finally had in my possession some boots that actually get shown in magazines etc, I started to break them in. Feeling professional but slightly embarrassed due to the 'newness'. I needed water. I needed mud.

The boots are quite firm, but also fairly responsive. They are much heavier than I am used to, but I'm led to believe quite light for what they are designed to do. After a few weeks of use, the upper is softening up nicely, while the sole still feels indestructible.

The first thing you notice when putting them on, is the oversized tongue that's thick and full of holes. This is designed to let air flow and improve the breathability. So far it seems to work, but it's always hard to tell how effective these things are with new boots.

Aesthetically, the boots like great. In my opinion, they are a good blend of the modern and more traditional (when it comes to synthetic boots).

So, all in all, I'm impressed. The pressure point is still an issue, but I'm experimenting with lacing and sock combinations.

If you've got the money, and you need a versatile boot that will be handle some level 1 scrambling as well as a shingle path, I can tell you that these certainly fit the bill.
 I can also recommend inventing a time machine, going back to 2002 and getting some Karrimors.


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