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How To Get Cheap Flights To Anywhere.

I've recently been planning a trip to Australia for a few months time. Because of this, I've undertaken a bit of a crash course in booking flights and hotels. Maybe a poor choice of words there actually!

Anyway, I'm a frugal guy. You can read my tips on how to save money here in fact. It's something I have taken seriously and the change in mindset has really saved my bacon, finance wise.

Due to this though, I really hate spending money full stop, let alone getting ripped off, so every time I need to spend something, I really put the research hours in. I thought that I would share what I learned, starting with flights. I might well cover hotels in a later blog.

1) Use Skyscanner. (Skyscanner)

Skyscanner is a price comparison site for travel basically, and in my experience usually works out cheapest, as long as your timing is right. And by this, I don't mean that you should book on certain times or days, though this might also be a valid strategy. I mean that when y…

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