Poetry : Glastonburied.

Graduate Rock bands and pink wellies,
Tenner a pint Beer bellies.
Businessman in a Vee-Dub,
Cracking Lentil Dhal in a pop up pub.
Anti Capitalist sentiment among the gentry,
And all for under three hundred pounds entry.

Punters love the atmosphere,
And bravely tolerate local fear.
Demonstrate your love of the Earth,
By writing poetry on a strangers turf.
Alas, rhyming couplets can't convey,
The thought processes of us today.

Park and ride or fly and drive,
To keep your Mother Earth alive.
A romantic Plan to sleep under the stars,
But for a last minute decision to hit the bars.
You can even bring the kids,
For early exposure of puke and piss.

A fine display of free love on show,
If you can afford to go.
Very boring if you don't come to this.
But thanks anyway. I'll give it a miss.


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