Poetry : Snow Globe Hobo.

A wandering wonderer's time is at hand,
Standing on no man's land,
That has been set upon a million times,
The first, the last and the never been,
Unaware and rarely seen,
But all around and in-between.

Watched intently by our own ghosts,
A memory of the future, a reluctant repost,
Watching, envious..a life already lived,
A snow globe hobo, ruminates what could have been.

Time is everything as it disappears,
For every bird in the land, there are two under land,
We count the days while some count the hours,
Cutting the trees and smelling the flowers,
Eat the Cow, walk the Dog, feed the Goldfish..catch the Cod
Becoming bi-polar to talk to God

Take the kids to the Zoo :
Behind bars, they can't eat you,
We all exist but only some in mind
To cope with life..we leave life behind.


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