Real Ghosts Caught On Camera.

Following my recent potential brush with the spirit world (see previous blog), I thought I'd start what I've been meaning to do for ages and compile some lists around the paranormal. This first list will have some popular, well known ghost photos, and hopefully one or two that will be new to you.
These are all photos that make me wonder death the end?

The Cooper Family Falling Body
 The Cooper family moved into a new house in Texas sometime in the 1950s and took this family snap to celebrate. Some have claimed that it is a hoax, and is a composite of two pictures, with possibly the image of un upside down ballerina being added on top. My problem with that is that we are talking about the 1950s here. It might be relatively straight foward to fake this now, but then? I prefer to imagine that the old occupant of the house hadn't quite left yet and was knocking around doing it's ghost thing, unaware that the camera was out. Either way, It's a great and creepy picture.

The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall.
The Brown Lady. This is probably the most known picture here, but I had to include it due to it being quite local to me. Also, it is incredibly famous, entirely convincing and has to this day not been convincingly debunked. A great picture that has no doubt sparked a million interests in the paranormal.

The Tantallion Castle Ghost

Tantallion Ghost Close Up. 

Probably my favorite, and to me the creepiest picture on the list is the Tantillion ghost. The detail is amazing, with what I assume is an Elizabethan ruff around the collar of this particular 'ghost'. The face close up looks real, yet somehow inhuman, with the down turned mouth being a common feature on the recently deceased. An amazing picture that I assume is either an elaborate dress up exercise, or a real case of the past catching up with us.

The Ghost Of Freddy Jackson.

Another famous, but great picture that is hard to debunk due to its gravitas and authenticity. A military photo taken the day after Jackson had an accident and was killed by an plane propeller. Was the death so unexpected that he continued going about his daily business afterwards, including turning up for the squadron photo? 

Combermere Abbey, Shropshire. Ghost In Chair.

On oldie but a goodie. It looks like this vicar wanted to relax in his old surroundings again to me. This could easily be a trick of the light in all fairness, with the unusual large blobs of light being on the rest of the picture. Even if so, it is a great example of a visual coincidence, with the head and fist clearly visible on the chair.

Newby Church Monk.

To me, this famous photo has struck me as 'too good to be true'. Though the picture was taken by Reverend K.F. Lord  in North Yorkshire, England, in 1963, this adds to the authenticity. The taker, and the age both suggest that it is either real, or a very elaborate hoax. Ok, I'm not saying a vicar absolutely would not dream of faking something like this, but I would argue that he wouldn't do it so in depth and seriously, due to the implications if he got caught. An iconic and historical photo in any case. 

Somerset Helicopter Ghost.

This Lady was posing for a photo at an airshow when she said that she felt a chill. Later, when the film was developed, the ghostly pilot can clearly been seen next to her. The Helicopter had apparently been used in the Falklands war of the 80s, and perhaps the memories tied this spirit to his vehicle?
Some debunk this purely down to the fact that she said it was a hot day and that she was wearing a jacket. Thos people have obviously never met and British old ladies, who would no doubt pack a coat to the Shahara Desert in case 'the weather came in'. 

The Ghost Of  Great Livermere.

I know this one is authentic at I took it! Look at my previous blog post, telling the story of how this photo of a mysterious light anomaly in my village came about.

Well, that's it for now. I plan for my next list to be another set of photos that are less common, but equally as disturbing. Let me know which of these you think is most likely to be genuine in the comments below. 

Thanks for checking this out. Sleep well!


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