Another Paranormal Experience? Have I Captured a Ghost On Camera in Great Livermere, Suffolk?

Is this a ghost?

Great Livermere is a small village/hamlet in Suffolk, England, and fortunately for me, we moved to this delightful place a little over a year ago. It is semi-famous for being one of the most haunted villages in England, with an author of paranormal books based around local ghostly happenings currently living in the village. Also, author M.R James spent a lot of time here getting inspiration :

            'The fictitious location of Castringham Hall was based upon the Rectory at Great Livermere. Castringham Hall was a location in the short ghost story The Ash Tree by M.R. James published in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary in 1904. From the age of three (1865) until 1909 James's home, if not always his residence, was at the Rectory in Great Livermere inspiring the location for this supernatural story'.

I have had what could have been paranormal experiences before (See my ghost of Onehouse blog post from ages ago), but I do keep an open mind. I guess I'm very much in the 'would like to believe' club while having one foot firmly in the skepticism camp.

Anyway, I was out one night walking the Dog around the local mere, and approaching the 12th century church that is the focal point of the village. It was getting quite dark, but the silhouette of the church against the night sky I thought, looked very creepy and amazing. I took a few snaps without the flash to try and get the effect that I was seeing with my own eyes, but disappointingly, they turned out as just darkness really. I took three pictures on my phone in quick succession, without any time in between and without moving.
The pictures were taken somewhere between 9pm and 9.30pm.

I got home and reviewed the pictures. To my surprise, It looked like on one of the photos, I had caught something. This never happens to me, even though I'm always on the look out for evidence of the afterlife, so without wanting to jump into 'ITS A GHOST!!' mode, I thought I'd try and get some feedback from the internet. So what I will do is paste 4 pictures below. I will post one picture that shows the dark scene, and the photo that has the anomaly, followed by the same pictures with the contrast turned all the way up. I just tried this and was amazed to be honest. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

You'll have to take my word obviously that the photos haven't been tampered with. I'd be very interested to see what anyone thought, or whether or not anyone so inclined got any 'vibes' from the photos. Hope you find them interesting in any case!

Picture 1 taken without anomaly

Picture 2 taken directly after picture 1, showing anomaly, top centre right.

Picture 1, with added contrast.

Picture 2, with added contrast clearly showing the anomaly.

So what do you think? Even I was surprised at how clear the anomaly is on the picture with added contrast. If nothing else, those contrasted pictures look very cool with the church in the background looking very foreboding.

I will try and take a pic from the same spot in the daytime, just for reference :

I'd welcome any feedback. Thanks for having a look in any case.


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