Coleman F1 Lite melting problem and typical 21st century customer service.

I have a Coleman F1 lite stove. Looking online, some (quite a lot) people seem to have problems with a plastic part on these melting, rendering it unsafe and non-useable. A simple Google/Amazon search leads me to believe it's common enough to investigate at least, especially going by how serious a malfunctioning stove can be.

I only used mine after for the first time almost a year after purchase (such is the way when we buy hiking gear on impulse) and found I had this problem.

I just wanted to say to you guys, If you've found you have the same issue, and were thinking about contacting Coleman..Don't bother.

Check out my email (via their European customer services), and hugely disappointing reply from one of my favorite brands.

I bought a Coleman F1 lite over a year ago and haven't really used it properly, except to test on purchase, until last week.
I took it on a backpacking trip, and had a severe problem with it, in that the plastic screw mount started to melt onto the burner stalk.
This happened the first time I used it, so that it was difficult to unscrew afterwards. The second time, it melted quite badly. In order to get the burner off of the stalk, the melted part had to totally be removed. I don't know if this is a common problem with these (I've looked online and seen a couple of reports) but I thought I'd better just let you know anyway.
I don't have the original packaging, and since it was a year or so ago I bought it, I don't have a receipt anymore so I'm not expectant of any recourse, but I'd be happy to send you the burner to have a look at if you wanted? I'm concerned that it could be dangerous so I wouldn't be confident using mine anymore anyway.
Just so you know, and as I'm in contact, I have several coleman products and am otherwise delighted, especially with my Cobra 2 tent. Best tent I've ever had. Hope this info is helpful.
Many thanks James."

My reply, received today...........

"Dear James,

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with this issue.

We refer you to the store where you purchased the product.

Best regards,"

......And that's it.

Talk about go beyond the call of duty.

As I said in my email I don't want/expect a replacement or refund particularly (though the offer would have been nice), but I definitely don't want some kid to burn to death in a tent from trying to sort out this potentially common fault.

Pity Coleman aren't as bothered. It's not the fact I've got a faulty unit, it's the really lazy and non caring reply that's really 'rustled my jimmies'.

As I said, typical 20th Century customer service.

I always vote with my feet, so that's the last Coleman product I buy for a while. Which is a shame, as I generally like their stuff a lot, but principles are more important. To me at least.


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