My Paranormal Experience or, The Ghost of Onehouse.

I'm the sort of person that can spend myriad hours online, searching the Internet for proof of anything. From the ingredients of Coke, to what happens after you die and anything inbetween.
Anyway, I was sitting here looking up local ghost stories when I suddenly realised that I have one of my very own. And quite a convincing one at that, even for me..The confirmed sceptic.

Years ago, I used to be 'into' the paranormal. You know..I was into horror, I wore black, had long hair that looked terrible, listened to (and enjoyed) Slayer. I watched 'Ghost Watch' all those years ago and just about shat myself. (If you don't know what Ghost Watch was, then get to Google right away).
You get the picture.

Right, so I ended up living in this little house when I was about 22 or 23. It was the first time I had lived alone, save for my Son staying over when I wasn't working. (I worked shifts and had him a lot as a consequence of that). I was broke, young but fairly happy with where I was at.

The house was a quarter house in a small Suffolk village called Onehouse. The house wasn't overly old.I think it was probably 1960's and had previously been a shop before being turned into 4 dwellings. Everything was a bit unorthodox, but not in a creepy way. For example, The stop cock was in a boxed section of the living room wall.
I always felt strange walking round to the landing at the top of the stairs. This was the only negative area in the house.

This one night I had 3 or 4 friends over. We were watching TV and were all on a long sofa at one end of the room. (the chair was massive, but all I had to sit on, so one got used to never looking anyone in the eye when talking to them).
We all noticed that the kitchen door (behind and next to the sofa) was gently opening and closing throughout the evening. We probably joked that it was a ghost, but all realised that it was probably a breeze. I mention this only because of what happened next.
Anyway, there was a full 2 litre bottle of Tizer of something on a coffee table in the middle of the room. Well out of reach of any of us on the sofa. We were all there happily watching whatever it was we were watching, and the bottle flew off the table as if it had been shoved from the side.
We all swore or whatever, but I don't remember feeling scared really.

So that happened. It could easily be explained away as gas in the bottle I guess. Even though it was full and untouched. The next experience was far more unsettling.

I was laying in the bath one day. Relaxed. I love a bath. I can still picture and smell it now actually. This is probably due to the distinctive coal tar soap that I accidentally bought once. Now I associate that smell with that house.
So, my sons room next to the Bathroom had one of those concertina doors. Awkward and noisy. I didn't like it much, but rented the house so didn't have too much say.
Lying in the bath I heard, to my distress, the unmistakable sound of the 'swoosh' of the door slamming shut across the door frame.
I knew I was the only one in the house. All of the possibilities went through my brain at once. I whittled it down to the most likely three. A bird had flown into the window, and hit the door. A burgler had entered the house not realising I was there, starkers and vulnerable, or a ruddy great Ghost was messing me about.
I literally sat in the bath until it was stone cold, not willing or able to move.
I eventually plucked up the courage to get out. I dried myself, feeling scared as hell all the time.
The door was indeed closed (which I'm sure wasn't the case before my bath as I had a thing about it staying open usually). I went into the room. All windows closed. No sign of entry by Bird or anything else. It was then and remained, a mystery.

It's always been the story I tell when the subject of ghosts comes up. I don't particularly believe in the supernatural these days. I don't disbelieve I guess but I think the crushing inevitability of life being tough has made me more cynical by the year. 

I never did get over the bad feeling at the top of the stairs, but didn't ever feel threatened really, during my time at the house.
Artists impression of what I may have experienced.
I asked my neighbours about weird things happening. One of them did say that two of the houses had been spiritually cleansed in the past, and mine hadn't. But that sounds a little bit to much like the end of a silly urban legend to me though. Despite it being true.

100% true. Feel free to ask any questions if you're into that sort of thing.


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