Wild Camping. Should it be legal?

Generally speaking, Wild Camping is outlawed in England, with the exception of Dartmoor. Many people however, choose to camp in various places around the country, without permission. There are petitions and campaigns online to get Wild Camping legalised.

But I don't want it to be legal.

I love Camping, wild or otherwise, and I suppose I should be campaigning with all the others, but really..lets think about what would happen if Wild Camping was allowed in certain places around the country.

The unfortunate truth is that the UK, and especially England is full of idiots. We've proved that time and time again. I could imagine a scenario where the day that Wild Camping became allowed, a gaggle of the jobless descends on my local woodland, ipod speakers and Diamond White encumbered. shouting into the night, snaring Rabbits and eventually setting fire to the trees, from the fire that they didn't know how to light, build or maintain, and leaving in their wake, bird traps in the form of piles of litter.
This scenario is why it's illegal, not that 'The Man' wants to tread on the rights of the lowly walker and camper, such as myself, and probably yourself. If you do it right, and in the right places, it's tolerated anyway.
Yes it's a pain living in East Anglia, and wanting to Wild Camp, but to me, that just makes it more of a challenge to savour.

I'm afraid we can't really allow Wild Camping to become legal until we sort our country, and particularly our parenting, out.

Lets keep it underground. Everything is always better like that. Music, Video Nasties, Pot Noodles. It's when things break into the mainstream that they are spoiled forever.

The walk, the unpacking while looking over your shoulder. Waking up in a place where no-one would expect anyone to be, and having the whole world to yourself. THAT is what Wild Camping is about to me. Not Prats without a clue.


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