Gear Review : Vango Compact Gas Stove.

A small review as it's my first. In more ways than one.

I recently switched from a Coleman F1 Lite to this little bad boy. The Coleman had an inherent problem with it. Namely, the plastic part located under the burner kept melting to the metal. I'm no Einstein, but.....etc

Anyway, I got this Vango as a temporary replacent. Its not much heavier at 103g, than the Coleman. The boil time for a litre of water seems to be around the 3 minute mark. (Without windsheield). It feels sturdy and built to last as much as these things can be, and is half the price of it's predecessor.

The only bad point in my experience, is that it won't fit folded into my Gelert solo cookset, together with a gas canister. This was one definate bonus with the Coleman. All of your 'kitchen' in one package. The Vango however, does come with a hard plastic case. It's just a shame that it takes up that much more valuable rucksack space.

I'm considering a Jetboil. Get in touch and let me know if you've 'moved stoves' in this way. Would the expense be worth it??

In any case, I would heartily reccomend the Vango Compact Stove to anyone. With its tiny price, and singular limitation, it's the very definition of value for money.


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