Film Review : Lady in the Water

There are many things I hate in the world. One of them is bandwagoning.
I really hate it when the press have it in for a filmmaker/musician and a large proportion of the public then blindly agree like Sheep. Brainwashing, that's what it is I tell you!.

Either that or my taste is simply more refined. I choose to believe either.

Anyway, Lady in the Water. The personnal project of M. Night Shyamanalangadingdong. Based on a fairy tale that he made up for his daughter. (subsequently published in book form).
Of cousre, I didn't worry too much about it at the time partly due to the bad press but also because it simply didn't look like my kind of film.

Fast forward about 3 years. I got hold of the film in the bargain bin. It was literally a pound or something. I thought at that price I'd give it a go.

Well, I can tell you. I watched the film and throughout had a great sense of well-being. There is something about the tone of it that makes you relaxed. The score is amazing, as is the acting. Paul Giamatti, unusually a lead role for him, really stands out. Funny, tragic and sympathetic. A real lovable character, he almost outshines the ensemble cast, but not quite.  The general ambiance is a blend of real world and ethereal to match the storyline perfectly.

At a couple of points I was crying like a howling baby. This film really got to me. 
I remember one criticism from the press was that M. Night ditched his trademark twist. This isn't really the case. I never go into storylines in reviews ever, but I can say that any fan of say Unbreakable, shouldn't be dissapointed with the story arc.

I feel really sorry for M. Night now. His career has been eaten and spat out based on this film, and The Happening (which I also love. The B movie feel is deliberate, you simpletons). It's a classic case of the public reacting badly to mainstream films that don't fit a mainstream formula. Yes, they probably won't appeal to the mass market. This is what makes them special.

Please, please give Lady in the Water another go, with an open mind. In my opinion, it's a piece of quality film-making. I'm not a fan-boy. I love Unbreakable. I don't like Sixth Sense. I didn't rate The Village, or Signs that highly. Lady in the Water is probably in my top three. And that's no mean feat.


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    1. Thanks for the comment Mary. I think some of the criticism is the herd mentality at work. You're almost not allowed to like it. Hopefully people will revisit it later with fresh eyes. Though it is nice that not everyone likes it. Makes it more of an exclusive club!


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