Why I don't believe in Ghosts anymore.

                                                     The Brown Lady. (No Relation).

EDIT May 2017 : I believe in ghosts again. See my more recent blogs to find out why. This is interesting to read again though, to see how one's view can change over time.

I've always been well into the unexplained. As you can see, I've even got my very own ghost story on here, which all really happened (as I saw it)
I like everyone else would love to KNOW that there is an existence that happens after we die. I'm not saying there isn't. I'm still open minded to that.

Ghosts. We've all had times where we've been convinced one way or the other. Someone tells you a story, and it's someone you trust telling you they saw a Victorian girl up their path, or you might have had your granddad telling you about his old wartime buddy appearing in the fridge. If you're a Christian, believing in ghosts/the afterlife is central to the belief system (I guess).

My problem is this....

Think of all the people that have ever lived (about 107,602,707,791 by 2011 apparently), Plus insects, dinosaurs, Spiders, Dogs, Cats etc etc.

Now think about how many ghost sightings/experiences there are and what form they take.

If it's possible that one can return as a ghost in some form, why is that we generally mainly hear about Victorian or modern day apparitions? How many stories about a ghostly caveman have you heard of?
And yes, we get stories of ghostly Dogs sometimes. So why don't we get many Cats, Centipedes or Dodos?

The problem is that the above examples of sightings (Victorians, Dogs etc) all fire up the imagination. They are atmospheric and sometimes comforting. We can relate to a Victorian person. They look like us, have had the same experiences and it gives us comfort that there may be an afterlife. Seeing Dogs makes sense. They are Mans best friend. We want to know that we will see them again after death and that they are ok. For some reason, we don't have the same stories associated with peoples dead lizards, ponies or ant farms. So we can assume that these stories have been made up using a humans point of view can't we? With good intentions maybe, but this doesn't make them real.

                                                        The ghost of Freddy Jackson.

The problem is numbers mainly though. If it was possible to be a ghost at some stage, the percentages and numbers involved would surely mean that we would all see ghosts regularly, and that they would now be a part of life and accepted. The fact that such a small percentage have actually seen or photographed anything at least unexplainable tells me that these examples, sadly, are just hoaxes, camera mistakes or active imaginations.

Saying all that, I'm open minded about life after death. I believe that you can't always explain the unexplainable, and that you can't measure the SUPERnatural using natural measurements. As for ghosts though, due to the above, I would have to actually see one for myself now to actually believe.

It's all about the multiple dimensions now for me. A scientific way for us to exist, after our death. Check it out.


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