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Gear Review : Osprey Nebula 34.

I’m about to become a full time mature student. Like absolutely any other event in life, I decided that this meant I would need a new rucksack. This would mean an upgrade from last years very good Dakine Campus (see seperate review). I did quite a bit of looking around and after whittling down my shortlist to two, The North Face Surge, and the Osprey Nebula 34, I decided on the latter.
The main reason those two ended up on the shortlist was that both have a lay flat, separate laptop section. I’ve found that after the last year at college, taking binders and books out of my bag to get my laptop out was a massive faff. Once I realised this was a thing with some bags, it was an essential on my list of requirements. Both bags have a similar design in this respect; a floating padded section for your laptop that you can have confidence in and access quickly.
I ended up with the Nebula rather than the surge for one main reason really and I’m not proud of this, but it is the ‘Osprey’ tag on…

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