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8 Ways To Save Money, Get Debt Free, And Have Fun Doing It.

Following my recent  blog post : How I got Debt Free, Worked Less and got Happier, I thought that it might be helpful to accompany this with some of my top money saving tips. Some of these may help, some may not for you, but they have all been very useful for me, and have contributed to me becoming debt free, happy and working less.

1)Start to pay off your debts using the ‘snowball method’. The snowball method basically means that you pay your smallest debt off first, and this acts as a motivator to keep going. While It’s good advice to usually pay more than the minimum repayment on a credit card, if you have more than one, it has been proven to work better to continue paying the minimum on the larger debts, and plough everyu spare penny onto the smallest debt, until it is paid off. The then more onto the next smallest debt, and do the same, with the theory being that with every paid off debt, the available money to pay off goes up, and your enthusiasm and motivation keeps maintained…

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